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Businesses Should have the Agility to Cope and Adapt New Imperatives to Survive

The end of a decade is always a pre-eminent affair but the end of the last decade was marked by one of the most perilous incidents, the outbreak of the deadly COVID-19 that brought innumerable loss. Lives lost


Journalists Can be Change Makers, Says Devendra Tak

“Communication during the pandemic is going to be more digital, creative and exciting”, said, Devendra Tak, the National Manager and Communication Head of Save the Children.


A Good Brand Adapts to Every Situation, Says Ushoshi Sengupta

Keeping the spirit of youth alive, Ushoshi Sengupta, former I Am She–Miss Universe India and the founder of USP Productions and Playfest, shared her journey to success.


The Critical Point is Connecting Gamification in the Context of the End-User: Vaibhav Bhargava, ICICI Bank

All technologies that humanize engagement between man and machine will have a significant role to play in the insurance industry.


Augustine Veliath, Chairperson of the Nonviolence Project Foundation (India) shared his perspectives on listening as the core for ideal communication.

Precise Communication is All about Our Ability to Listen, Says Augustine Veliath


To Be a Writer One Has to First Understand the Artistic Call, Says Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay

Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay is an internationally acclaimed Bengali author and a writer at the ABP Group. Having penned nine novels and over fifty short stories, Sangeeta  is an author of global repute.


Writing Will Never Go Out of Fashion, Says Saira Shah Halim

A wordsmith with a free spirit, a TEDx Speaker, a writer, a poet, a political analyst, an educator, a social and peace activist and a theatre personality, she is Saira Shah Halim.


Digital Is the Novel Mode for Effective Political Campaigns, Says Diggaj Mogra

Diggaj Mogra, the Director of Jarvis Technology and Strategy Consulting (one of the best political and policy consultant agencies in India) spoke about the growth of political consultancy in India.


I Wanted to Bring to Light the Stories and Issues That Were Burning and Needed Coverage, Says Sreemoyee Piu Kundu

Sreemoyee Piu Kundu is an acclaimed journalist and best-selling author. She talked about women’s sexuality, her inner inhibitions, the status of single women, social hypocrisy and the challenges of...


Social Media Is a Great Tool for Creating Social Impact, Says Ankit Lal

Social media activist Ankit Lal is an inspiration for the youngsters of the country, he volunteered with India Against Corruption (IAC) and later Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), where he was the Social Media Head.


Web Writing Was Never an Intention, Says Jaseena Backer

Jaseena Backer is a psychologist, women empowerment enthusiast, corporate consultant and parenting consultant. She shared her experiences in writing about relationships in her collection of short stories...


Writing Is What Is in Your Heart, Says Rajesh Iyer

Rajesh M Iyer is an eminent story-teller. He spoke to us about whether digital media is ushering in a tectonic shift in storytelling. He also focused on the traits of being digital and the need to be digital...


Mind Matters More than a Machine, Says Prof. Subrata Roy Chowdhury

Prof. Subrata Roy Chowdhury spoke about ‘Photography in Digital Times’ focusing on the threats and opportunities amid the Covid-19 pandemic. “Mind matters more than a machine.


Be Local and Think Global in Photography, Says Award-Winning Photographer and Filmmaker Sudeep Mehta

Sudeep Mehta, an award-winning photographer and filmmaker shared his knowledge and opinion about the various facets of photography and the impact of Covid-19 on the photography industry.


Be a Journalist to be a Photojournalist, Says Rajeev Bhatt

Some quotes seem to be written for certain people. As Ansam Adam’s “You don’t take a photograph, you make it”, looks so appropriate for Rajeev Bhatt, a senior special news photojournalist of The Hindu.

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