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Web Writing Was Never an Intention, Says Jaseena Backer


Jaseena Backer is a psychologist, women empowerment enthusiast, corporate consultant and parenting consultant. She shared her experiences in writing about relationships in her collection of short stories ‘Tales that Entail’.


Her Writings

Backer posted her perspective and ideology for her female readers. She said that she tries to bring out her emotions and feelings on social media. She never intended to become a writer. Her first story was written in an hour, unedited and without proofreading. “I never intended to become a writer, it was my friend who challenged me to write a story and a post on social media,” said Backer.

Backer shared her three I’s that are essential for storytelling, “There are three I’s namely, Intense writing, Interest in audience and Impact on your audience. All three combined qualities are essential.” She stressed on an egalitarian approach in every relationship which sustains in the long run. She further added, “Gender is not a see-saw and feminism entails only equality.”

As an independent writer, she said that people expect women writers to only write on romantic themes, which is logically incorrect. She expects men to comprehend the tribulations faced by the women in the society. Being a women enthusiast, Backer said, “Every woman wants to get help but is ashamed to share her feelings publicly as they are scared to get judged by others. Every woman should come out and raise their voices with boldness and confidence. A woman should be liberal, daring, strong and fearless.”


Parenting Tips

Her first book was Endorse of Single Parenting, which is all about her own observations. It was about the issues that she faced during the upbringing of her daughter. Her first digital writing was about the relationship between Mehek (Jaseena’s daughter) and herself.

“Being a single parent is a difficult task to both men or women”, Backer said. She shared parenting tips and said, “Parents should not compare their kids’ ideologies. They are new to the world and see things in different perspectives. Try to indulge kids into working. In the process, they learn, grow and create a special connection with parents.”

She further stressed on sex education among all age-groups. “Sex education among teenage children is very important. Most of the parents feel shy to talk about menstruation, masturbation and sex. Talking about sex is critically important in a child’s life. Some kids start watching porn sites rather than talking to their parents. This creates a distance between children and parents. Indian parents never talk about sexual realities as they think the kids will not respect them further. This mentality mostly leads to accidents.”

She mentioned the crucial aspects single parents face while raising their children. She shared her own experiences and condemned the orthodoxy of our social structure.


Saree Love and Etc.

She also spoke about her love for saree and her digital platform Saree In Style which have 12,000 women. This platform is celebrating a ‘Body Positivity Week’ to shun inhibitions about looks among women. She even shared her parenting tips and said that there is a dearth of parenting psychologists in the country. At the end of the session, she mesmerized her audience by reading a short story from her book Tales that Entail.

The author, Vishakha Tiwari is associated with Adamas University Media School.

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